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Destination Weddings

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Our expert recommendations will be based on your personal preferences, the size of your group, your budget, travel logistics, weather patterns around your wedding date, and your wedding vision. We are careful about the products we recommend – they have to match our high standard and fit your needs. That way, you have less to worry about.

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D247 will help you know exactly what’s required to book a ceremony at your resort. And, we’ll help you secure the date you want. To be honest, we have the contacts of all the resort wedding coordinators, because we have already worked with them. If we can’t answer your questions from experience, we know how to get the answer quickly!


We do all the work – you benefit!


Inviting guests? Great! They will receive individual VIP concierge service. Before your group travels, each guest will get a package in the mail (yes! You read that right!) from us with beautiful travel documents and trip tips. We’ll answer their many questions – so that you don’t have to! And, we’ll make you look like a hero by giving them low deposits, interest-free payment plans, and a low group rate!

Your group will have access to our group rate (meaning “low priced”) travel insurance, tour activities, and of course we are not going to let them forget the airport transfer.  


Accurate and trustworthy advice on required documents.


Our concierge service means that we handle the behind the scenes details of getting the entire crew to the resort – yes, even when flights are delayed or yikes! canceled… we are on the job.

What our customers are saying

Scott did an amazing job with our destination wedding! 

Cindy W - Seattle, WA