Dream it, See it!


Why Use A Travel Agent

What makes us different ?

We do something you may not be use to these days.

We listen to you and go the extra mile to make your

vacation just that.....a vacation free of worries and

anxiety. We have been to the places we

recommend and will tell you what to expect. Sure

there are huge mega travel web sites you can book

with....but will you ever get to talk with the same

person twice ? Will you get the personal care and

the best value possible by having someone working

for YOU ? Will you have someone in your corner

that you can trust ? No bait and switch tactics here.

And it cost you no more !

Some Things You May Not Know about Travel

Agents :

The Reality Is: For the most part your travel agent works

for you for free. You can get the same or many times better

value from an agent than you can from the big Internet sites

at no more cost. Thats right FREE !

The Reality Is: Your agent works within all aspects of the

of the industry and keeps up with the trends in travel and

can advise you how to get the most bang for your buck.

The Reality Is: Unlike 90% of the online ads I will tell you

the TRUTH. Most online ads are just teasers or bait and

switch tactics. They lead you on then tell you the real price.

I believe in integrity. I am someone you can call to ask ANY

questions you may have about your trip. You can call me

anytime from start to finish to answer your questions.